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Beautiful Key Biscayne Sunrise

South Florida is the perfect venue for breathtaking scenery. As a kayaker, this is observed from a unique perspective. Down by the water, since we are low to the water for speed, performance and perspective on life. Paddling a journey in South Florida is always an adventure.

Scheduled Tours:
Join us for an enjoyable night out on the water. Depending on the tide we can paddle down the scenic Middle River, up the New River, out to 17th Street or just make up our own route. If you have your own kayak Guide Service is Free but you must register to be part of the fun. For more information please contact Judy:
Paddlers rating for this tour is easy/moderate (distance).

Everglades National Park is the 3rd largest National Park in the Lower 48. Spanning almost 1.5million acres this raw majestic tropical paradise is a kayakers playground. We will meet at the entrance to the park around 10:00am once we have checked in at the main gate we will make a few pit stops along the way to do some wild life viewing and soak in a fraction of what this park has to offer. Once we make it down to Base Camp we will set up and make a dinner time where we will all meet back up to enjoy some good old fashion BBQ everglades style. In the morning we will pack up and pick a spot to paddle for the day. There will be a Full Moon Rise @ 6:40pm.
For more information please contact Judy:
Paddlers rating for this tour is easy. Tour pricing includes guide service, park entrance fees, campsite and BBQ dinner.

This tour is limited to 10 participants.

Kayak Rentals on the Middle River every Saturday, & Sunday  9 A.M. to 5 P.M.
For more information please contact